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Zozen successfully hosted the Summary Conference at the end of 2018



ZOZEN has successfully held 2019 staff meeting and commendation conference on January 2, 2019. The meetings were presided over by General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping. All employees need to attend the meetings.At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping made the profound analysis of the work in 2018. He said that ZOZEN had mainly focused on management in 2018. In order to improve the company benefit, systemic reform had been conducted in three ways, including informatization management, scene management and electronic commerce. So far, we had achieved remarkable results.

Zozen successfully hosted the Summary Conference at the end of 2018

General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping expressed that ZOZEN would concentrate on customer service in 2019. While keeping carrying forward informatization management and 6S scene management at the same time, ZOZEN would make great efforts to improve the quality control and after-sales service. Mr. Zhang Guoping emphasized that the quality control was the first priority to enhance core competition force. Mr. Zhang Guoping proposed 6 improved methods: firstly, promote the quality consciousness through regular trainings, and this is the key to improve the quality control; secondly, establish strict self-inspection regulations to strengthen responsibility consciousness; thirdly, raise the special inspection consciousness, establish definite regulations on inspection items and inspection methods; fourthly, adjust and enrich the inspection team; fifthly, attach more importance to the quality problems of non-pressurized components; sixthly, pay more emphasis on appearance quality, and take it as a new required inspection item.General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping also said that ZOZEN would continue to strengthen the serving consciousness, improve service quality and enhance the professional quality of service team in the coming year, as well as expanding coverage of service center and promoting service team localization. Mr. Zhang Guoping believed that all above improvements would contribute to providing more efficient and convenient services to customers.

At the end of the conference, the model employees and excellent teams were presented with awards by General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping, which would fully inspire the staff's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of work.Reviewing the past, we are proud of our glorious achievements, and looking forward, we are even more confident in the splendid future. This conference has provided an explicit direction for ZOZEN striving to be a larger, stronger and better enterprise under the new situation. In the new year, the staff of ZOZEN will unit together and strive hard to build the company into a professional one that has core competitiveness and leadership in industry. As President Xi Jinping said in his New Year's speech “We are all running very hard. We are all dream chasers ". 2019, ZOZEN is on the way.

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