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list of world famous steam boilers



Steam boilers and hot water boilers are two different types, and both of them are with wide usages. Here, I would like to recommend world famous steam boilers: DZL Steam Boiler and WNS Steam Boiler.

list of world famous steam boilers

DZL Steam Boiler

DZL packaged steam boiler is a single drum chain grate boiler, the shaped biomass fuel, biomass mixed with coal are available fuels. This chain grate steam boiler is suitable for applications to produce 2 ton -10 ton steam per hour.

Benefits of DZL Coal or Biomass Fired Steam Boiler:

New furnace structure, bulge defects caused by the bottom of the drum being heated directly is avoided

Patented design double wings gas ducts structure, flue tube plate crack is avoided

Single pass threaded pipe, the heat transfer effect is strengthened

Special design, both different types of coal and biomass fuel is available

Inverted "α" arch furnace technology, combustion efficiency is improved

Grate side sealing structure avoids the shortcomings of uneven ventilation and burning out side sealing.

Separate adjustable wind chamber under the fire grate is equipped and wind is fed from two sides. It adopts new type crack screw wind adjustment structure so that the wind adjustment and ventilation cross section proportion is 100%. Thus, it is easy to adjust and the wind is distributed symmetrically.

WNS Steam Boiler

WNS series Condensing Steam Boiler use natural gas or oil as its fuel. Advanced technologies cooperated with German company are introduced into the WNS fire tube gas & oil fired steam boilers. WNS steam boiler is more eco-friendly and also with high efficiency.

Benefits of WNS Gas or Oil Fired Boiler:

International popular three-pass structure, large combustion chamber, full burning.

Advanced corrugated furnace design, increasing heat transfer surface

Spiral fin tube style strengthens heat transfer effect.

Wet-back structure, whole plate boundary make a higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.

Rear-peep device and observe the combustion condition easily.

Multiple protections, super-temperature, over-pressure, water leakage, flame-out, etc. Safe and reliable operation.

Equipped with good automatic burner, fully automatic and safe operation.

Wide Applications:

DZL or WNS steam boiler is mainly used in Chemical plant, Food factory, Beverage factory, Textile mills, Paper mill, Sugar Plant, etc.

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