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Environmentally friendly zozen on the "road"



In the wheat harvest season, unlike the patrols in the township cadres in previous years, the ban on burning was different. This year, the high-definition video surveillance system was adopted for straw ban in most parts of Hebei Province. Through the 24-hour monitoring of the command platform, the fire can be discovered and disposed of in time to reduce air pollution. China's provincial governments and relevant departments have improved their institutional mechanisms, and the comprehensive utilization of straw and the ban on burning have shown good momentum. The regulation of grid-based banned burning has been further strengthened. In Hebei Province, 140,000 straw banned grids have been established. At the same time, environmental problems such as garbage and industrial waste are included in the supervision, and a grid-based territorial supervision system with clear responsibilities, linkages, horizontal to vertical and vertical is formed. The county and village levels signed the responsibility, jointly carried out regular inspections and special law enforcement inspections, severely cracked down on illegal activities of burning straw, and the phenomenon of open burning straw was effectively contained. In recent years, Hebei has been exploring new ways of reducing straw resources and exploring resources in order to reduce bans and promote bans.

Environmentally friendly zozen on the "road"

Hebei Province has made rapid progress in the utilization of straw energy, and is actively pursuing the national biomass heat and power cogeneration county clean heating demonstration project. At present, 21 projects in the province have been approved. After completion, the total installed capacity will reach 700,000 kilowatts, and the annual consumption of agricultural and forestry biomass will be 5.8 million tons, accounting for about 1/10 of the total straw in the province. It is expected to replace 1.73 million tons of coal. It is reported that before the end of this year, seven projects can be completed and put into production, and the ecological benefits are considerable.

Under the general trend of environmental protection and resource recycling in China, zozen is constantly advancing with the times, developing new technologies and improving resource utilization. At present, the company SZL series biomass-fired boiler has a thermal efficiency of over 90% and a wide fuel range. : Biomass granules, wood chips, corn cobs, sawdust, suitable for all industries.

For environmental protection, zozen is in action

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