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Indonesia agent helps ZOZEN improve service



ZOZEN is not just a company that only responsible for manufacturing boilers. Instead, ZOZEN takes responsibility in every step and offers the most effective and fastest service to resolve any problems for customers, including pre-consultation and after-sales services. Due to the characteristics of the boilers and geographic boundaries, the customer service of the whole boiler industry has always faced great challenges in international trade. But ZOZEN is striving to provide the best after-sales service to every customer.

Indonesia agent helps ZOZEN improve service

In 2002, PT.Lontar Papyrus, which located in Indonesia, bought a 100tph coal-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN. Field-assembled boiler has high requirement for on-site installation. Therefore, ZOZEN negotiated with local experienced PT.ZUG Company and succeeded in achieving long-term cooperation. At the same time, the engineer of ZOZEN went to the field to provide a professional guidance.


        Nowadays, ZOZEN has worked with more than 80 projects in Indonesia, consolidating the position in Indonesia market.

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